Generic GMS Card – No approvals for phased dispensing

Generic GMS Card – No approvals for phased dispensing

The PCRS has rejected claims from a number of pharmacies for phased dispensing under a generic number. The IPU raised this at a recent meeting with the PCRS where they outlined their position that phased dispensing is for those patients with specific medical card eligibility only. We pointed out to the PCRS that many of these patients have a difficult history with addiction problems and many of them are homeless. The PCRS insists that generic medical cards are temporary cards for use in emergency situations only and were not intended to open access to services requiring individual approval including phased dispensing. The PCRS also advised that this also applies to special drug requests and discretionary hardship arrangements. An application can only be made against an individual who has a medical card in their own right.  The PCRS has refused to reinstate any payments despite strong representations from us that these patients are the most vulnerable in society. The PCRS insist that those pharmacies using generic numbers to access phased dispensing ‘is not permitted and will not be allowed to continue.’

In order to ensure payment, you must use the patient’s personal medical card number for GMS prescriptions. The PCRS advised that any patient without a personal medical card can be referred to the Homeless Services who will act on the patient’s behalf to support them in obtaining a personal medical card in 24-48 hours to be eligible for medicine dispensing under GMS Community scheme.

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