Ukrainian Support Tools

We have developed a number of tools to assist pharmacists in their communication with Ukrainian people who present in their pharmacy. 


Ukrainian Support Tools

Ukraine Support Tools

We have compiled and reviewed a number of tools to assist pharmacists in their communication with Ukrainian people who present in their pharmacy.


Ukrainian Medication Brand Translation Tool

It is likely that you will have Ukrainian patients seeking information on medicines and supplies of medication that they need on an ongoing basis. IQVIA has developed its medication brand translation tool to help pharmacies determine Irish or UK equivalents for Ukrainian medicinal products. Please remember though, that although reimbursable medicines are to be provided without charge to Ukrainians fleeing the war in their country, there is no exemption from the requirement for a prescription.


Ukrainian Pharmacy Translations and Counselling Points

We have developed a resource guide for you to use when interacting with patients from Ukraine.  This guide can be accessed here and is available on the public facing side of the IPU website should you wish to share. This support tool was developed with the support of the Ukrainian Embassy.


Ukrainian Community Pharmacy Information Tool

The products and services that are offered by community pharmacies in Ukraine differ greatly from those that are offered in Ireland. The IPU and the HSE have developed an information document in Ukrainian to outline what products and services a community pharmacy offers in Ireland. This guidance is available to download in an Ukrainian version or Ukrainian-English version. These documents can help you to interact with Ukrainian patients when they present in your pharmacy.


HSE Immunisation Supporting people from Ukrain

The HSE National Immunisation Office (NIO) has developed a webpage to help health care professionals support patients from Ukraine. The page includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and health professional materials relating to childhood and COVID-19 vaccinations.


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