Statement of Strategy 2021-2024


This Statement of Strategy will build on the progress of the previous Strategy and will inform our work as an organisation over the next three years. The Statement of Strategy, which will cover the period 2021 to 2024, has evolved and updated to respond to the current legislative and economic context and to take account of the ever changing professional and business environment over the next number of years. 

We are mindful that we are introducing this Strategy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is having a profound impact on our healthcare system and which will influence our future society, economy, employment, and the ways in which our pharmacies will operate.

IPU Statement of Strategy 2021-2024

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To be the authoritative voice of community pharmacy and a driving force in the evolution of accessible, equitable and patient-focussed primary healthcare.


The IPU exists to:

  • Advocate, advance and protect the role of the pharmacist at the centre of primary healthcare;
  • Value and demonstrate the contribution pharmacy makes to our patients and communities;
  • Promote, challenge and support our profession to embrace opportunity;
  • Cherish our heritage and traditions while remaining forward-looking and innovative into the future; and
  • Mentor the next generation of pharmacists.

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1: 

Develop and negotiate an updated, sustainable and fair relationship with the State that properly recognises the value of pharmacy services.

Secure an updated community pharmacy contract that:

  1. Reflects the business and practice of pharmacy in the 21st Century;
  2. Promotes a greater use of the capacity and scope of practice of pharmacists; and
  3. Provides fair and sustainable remuneration for pharmacy services.

Objective 2: 

Influence the future direction for community pharmacy to shape health policy in Ireland.

  1. Position community pharmacy at the forefront of the eHealth agenda; 
  2. Demonstrate and promote the value of community pharmacy to the State in terms of patient safety and health outcomes;
  3. Achieve reasonable and proportionate application of regulation and administrative requirements;
  4. Build collegiate working relationships across the health sector; and
  5. Raise the profile of the professional role and expertise of the pharmacist.

Objective 3: 

Enhance and develop the IPU and its structures and services to support the evolving needs of all members.

  1. Strengthen the IPU’s position as the primary provider of CPD, education and training for pharmacists and their teams;
  2. Consolidate and communicate the value of IPU membership;
  3. Encourage greater engagement amongst the membership and between members and the IPU;
  4. Continually develop the governance and structures within the IPU to serve the best interests and requirements of its members.

Objective 4: 

Reinforce and promote the value of community pharmacy to patients and their carers.
  1. Improve public awareness of the role and value of community pharmacy; 
  2. Collaborate with patient advocacy groups to demonstrate the value of community pharmacy to patients; and
  3. Advocate for greater State support for appropriate accessible healthcare services for patients through their community pharmacy.

Objective 5: 

Embrace and shape change and innovation, and support our members to maximise future opportunities

  1. Continually scan wider sector, industry and technology trends to identify potential innovation opportunities and disruptive threats;
  2. Enhance and support the development and delivery of innovative and sustainable professional pharmacy practices;
  3. Support adoption of digitilisation and technology to drive service and business performance in community pharmacies; and
  4. Explore, identify, and implement steps to attract and retain the talent of the future in community pharmacy.


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