Fitness to Practise (FTP)

Fitness to Practise (FTP)

Pharmacists may at some point in their professional career be the subject of a complaint made by a member of the public, a healthcare professional, or by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI). Pharmacists may also be involved in a medication incident, such as a dispensing error, which may lead to a fitness to practise process (FTP) being initiated.

The IPU Professional Services team has the expertise to support and guide you through these processes. We will provide you with a range of supports depending on your circumstances, which could include:

  • Guidance on potential courses of action;
  • Support in the drafting of incident reports; and
  • Support in drafting correspondence to the PSI.

Because we understand that this is a stressful process, we would like to remind you that as part of your membership you have access to the VHI Healthcare member assistance programme. This free, confidential service provides you with invaluable information, specialist counselling and support.

The IPU has assisted 33 people parties through the FTP process in 2022 alone (in addition to answering over 2,600 professional calls to pharmacists on a wide variety of matters).

In the event of an FTP matter arising, the IPU advises members to engage with the IPU as early as possible and to do so before engaging with any third parties. For assistance, please email ei.up1675913432i@ofn1675913432i1675913432

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