IPU Pharmacy Technician Course Year 2


IPU Pharmacy Technician Course Year 2

Distance Learning

1 year

Starting : 2024-01-09

Duration : 1 year


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IPU Pharmacy Technician Course (BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Principles and Practice for Pharmacy Technicians) Year 2

The IPU Pharmacy Technician Course is a two-year ‘distance learning’ course for pharmacy staff who work in the dispensary. This course leads to a BTEC Level 3 Diploma which is accredited by Pearson International. The comprehensive course, which is delivered and managed by the IPU Training Unit, prepares pharmacy technicians to assist pharmacists in ensuring the delivery of a high-quality pharmacy service to patients in an efficient, safe and cost-effective manner. Simultaneously, it aims to ensure that pharmacy technicians have the necessary knowledge and skill to demonstrate professionalism and deliver person-centred care from day one of practice.

  • Enrolment for Year 2: will be available from 6 November 2024
  • Duration: 1 Year

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