Reports & Submissions

The IPU makes submissions on behalf of members to a number of organisations including the PSI, Department of Health and HPRA. See below some of the submissions made.
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File TypeIPU Index Report 2022IPU Index Report 202224 August 2022 Research, Submissions & Reports
File TypePublic Opinion Research 2020 B&A24 June 2021 Research
File TypePublic Opinion Research 2019 B&A24 June 2021 Research
File TypePublic Opinion Research 201803 July 2018 Research
File TypePublic Opinion Research 201731 May 2017 Research
File TypePublic Opinion Research 201406 January 2014 Research

IPU to CCPC – 13 Sep 20222 May 2023View
IPU Submission – Mar 2023 – PSI Public Consultation on proposal to amend Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) (Registration) Rules 2008 to 202027 March 2023View
IPU Pre-Budget Submission 202316 August 2022View
IPU Workforce Survey Report June 202230 June 2022View
IPU Pre-Budget Submission 202214 September 2021View
Annual Review of Community Pharmacy in Ireland 2020 – KPMG report31 August 2021View
IPU Index Report 202220 July 2021View
IPU Annual Report 202122 May 2021View
Submission by the IPU to PSI on CPD Model 22 April 202126 April 2021View
Pre-Budget Submission 20218 September 2020View
Public Opinion Research 2020 B&A28 May 2020View
IPU Comments on EU Veterinary Medicines Regulation 201919 May 2020View
IPU Submission to HPRA on Method of Supply of Antiparasitic Veterinary Medicinal Products Feb 20207 February 2020View
IPU Submission to MMP re Roadmap for Identification of Preferred Blood Glucose Test Strip February 20204 February 2020View
IPU Submission to DoH ref PSPP Act November 20198 November 2019View
IPU Submission to DOH on Pharmacy PPV Vaccination Service9 October 2019View
Pre-Budget Submission 2020 – July 201913 August 2019View
Public Opinion Research 2019 B&A18 June 2019View
IPU Submission to the DoF on the VAT Treatment of Food Supplement Products28 May 2019View
IPU Proposal for Community Pharmacy Based Triage Programme March 201920 March 2019View
Perspectives of Community Pharmacy – February 20196 February 2019View
IPU Pilot to Detect Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation Report 201813 December 2018View
Pre-Budget Submission 2019 – Aug 201821 August 2018View
Public Opinion Research 20183 July 2018View
FEMPI Submission June 201829 June 2018View
IPU Proposal to DoH for MDS Service 26Apr181 May 2018View
IPU Proposal to DoH re Access to Contraception Apr 20186 April 2018View
Vision for Community Pharmacy March 20184 April 2018View
IPU Submission to Deloitte re Assessment of Fees December 201729 December 2017View
IPU NMS Pilot 2017 Report5 December 2017View
IPU Submission to DoH on National Biosimilar Medicines Policy, September 201721 September 2017View
IPU Submission to DoH on Health Service Capacity, September 201731 August 2017View
IPU Submission to DoH re FEMPI 8 20176 June 2017View
Public Opinion Research 201731 May 2017View
Public Opinion Research 20146 January 2014View