The Irish Pharmacy Union is the professional, representative organisation for community pharmacists in Ireland.

About the IPU

Pharmacists are the single most accessible part of Ireland’s primary care network, with the typical person visiting a community pharmacy 19 times a year.

The Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) is the representative and professional body for community pharmacists, who are Ireland’s most accessible healthcare professionals. Established in 1973, the IPU, formerly the Irish Pharmaceutical Union, our sole focus is on protecting, promoting and strengthening the profession now and long into the future. As a membership organisation, our aim is to assist members in delivering the best possible service to their patients.

The IPU supports pharmacists’ professional and service development through education and training courses, to enhance their knowledge as a pharmacist, and by advocating for extended professional roles for community pharmacy. In addition, we support members in dealing with PSI inspections, Fitness to Practise, HSE PCRS queries and any other issues that arise. We make ongoing representations to the Department of Health (DoH), HPRA, HSE/PCRS, PSI and other bodies on behalf of members.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has overall responsibility for all aspects of policy and management of the IPU. The other national committees report to the Executive Committee.

Pharmacy Contractors’ Committee (PCC)

The PCC is responsible for engaging and negotiating with the HSE on the terms and agreements of the pharmacy contract. Individual pharmacists hold contracts with the HSE for the delivery of the community drugs schemes on behalf of the State. The PCC oversees the implementation of programmes and initiatives that are developed under the terms of the contract. The mission statement of the PCC is: “Advocating and negotiating on behalf of community pharmacy contractors with Government and its agencies to secure fair remuneration and equitable contractual terms for the delivery of services to patients.”

Community Pharmacy Committee (CPC)

The CPC works to serve and support community pharmacists in their practices and to promote and expand their role as pharmacists by continually developing professional, ethical, business and technological ideals and standards. This committee is responsible for the promotion and development of the profession, the development of the business policy, training and IT agenda.

Employee Pharmacists’ Committee (EPC)

The EPC represents the growing number of community pharmacy employees in Ireland. Employee pharmacists also elect representatives onto the Executive Committee and the Community Pharmacy Committee. The mission of the EPC is “to foster an active and dynamic Employee Pharmacists’ Committee which actively promotes the professional and economic interests of employee pharmacists and constructively engages with the other Committees of the IPU and with our stakeholders.”

Daragh Connolly President

Daragh Connolly was elected as President of the IPU by the Executive Committee and took up the position at the IPU National Pharmacy Conference on 24 April 2016. He has been involved with the IPU for a number of years and was previously Vice-President.

Daragh is a third generation pharmacist. He graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 1996, where he was President of the Pharmacy Students’ Association. He is a native of Waterford and proprietor of Haven Pharmacy Connolly’s in Dungarvan.


Carmel Collins Vice-President

Carmel Collins was elected as Vice-President to the IPU by the Executive Committee and took up the position at the IPU National Pharmacy Conference on 24 April 2016. Carmel is also the Mid-West Regional Representative on the Executive Committee. She has been the Mid-West Regional Representative on the Executive Committee since 2014.

Carmel graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1989 with a BSc(Pharm). After pre-registration, she worked in Dublin and in 1996, she moved to Limerick. She is the proprietor of Adare Pharmacy in Co. Limerick, which she bought in 1997.


Stephen Nolan Honorary Treasurer

Stephen Nolan was elected as Honorary Treasurer to the IPU by the Executive Committee and took up the position at the IPU National Pharmacy Conference on 24 April 2016. Stephen is also the North East Regional Representative on the Executive Committee.

Stephen studied pharmacy in Trinity College from 1985-9 and worked in a number of community pharmacies in Dublin before buying a pharmacy in Ashbourne. He was North-East Regional Rep on CPC for a number of years before moving to the Executive Committee in 2014.