Urgent Notice – Tax Clearance

Urgent Notice – Tax Clearance

The PCRS is required to confirm the Tax Clearance Status for all suppliers and service providers who receive payments in excess of €10,000 within a twelve-month period in accordance with Circular F49/235/06 issued by the Department of Finance.

eTax Clearance was introduced in 2016, which allows you to apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate online through the Revenue Online Service (ROS). Revenue has an online verification system that allows another person to check if you have a current Tax Clearance Certificate. The system is available through the Revenue Online Service (ROS) or Government Networks.  The PCRS use ROS to check your tax clearance status using your Tax Clearance Access Number (TCAN). If they cannot verify that you have a valid Tax Clearance Certificate in place your future payments may be affected. Circular 016/16 outlines some key information in this regard.

The PCRS have advised:

  • You can check your tax compliance status through the Revenue Online Services;
  • If your Tax Clearance Certificate is up to date no further action is required;
  • If it is not up to date, then this should be amended through Revenue Online Services (it may be that your accountant usually does this for you);
  • In the event that you update your tax status after the June deadline (Wednesday 14 June), PCRS have agreed with the IPU to make payment by cheque for this month. If relevant, you should contact the PCRS Contract Support Unit at ei.es1696333764h@xat1696333764e.src1696333764p1696333764 to request such a payment. You may want to also send your updated Tax Clearance Certificate as an additional precaution to ei.es1696333764h@xat1696333764e.src1696333764p1696333764


We understand that approximately 80 pharmacies are not showing a valid Tax Clearance Certificate on ROS at present. These pharmacies will not get paid until this is rectified.

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