Spring COVID-19 Booster Campaign

Spring COVID-19 Booster Campaign

The COVID-19 Vaccination Service Spring Booster Campaign will run until 16 June. Previously, eligible patients had been advised that they would need to present for their booster dose before the end of May. The HSE now plan on informing these patients, via SMS text message, that they can present for their booster dose up until 16 June.

As part of this booster campaign the following vaccines are available for community pharmacy:

  • SpikeVax BA. 4-5 for eligible people aged 30 years and older; and
  • Comirnaty BA. 4-5 (12+) for eligible people aged 12 years - 29 years.

There is no restriction on quantity of SpikeVax BA.4-5 vaccine that can be ordered, and each box contains 10 vials with each vial containing 5 doses (50 doses per box). Comirnaty BA.4-5 is restricted to 1 box containing 10 vials, each vial contains 6 doses (60 doses per box).

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