Provigil 200mg tablets – Batch number M5047B

Provigil 200mg tablets - Batch number M5047B

Teva have advised us of an issue with the EAN code on the carton of a batch of Provigil 200mg tablets.

There is a discrepancy in the EAN (European Article Number) code on the outer carton of Provigil 200mg Tablets from batch no. M5047B. The EAN code is erroneously printed as 5035546000035 which is the
EAN code for Provigil® 100 mg Tablets. The correct EAN code for Provigil® 200 mg Tablets is 5035546000059.

If your pharmacy uses a robotic dispensing system, please ensure that controls are put in place to prevent a dispensing error as a result of the erroneous EAN code. All other text on the outer carton is correct, including the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) code and data embedded in the 2D matrix.

Please ensure all relevant staff are made aware of the issue. Teva have issued a letter to all pharmacies, which you can access here.

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