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eLearning Courses below are available to purchase 24/7 and are placed on the Learning Management System on the IPU Training Unit Moodle Platform

IPU Introduction to Employment Law and Employee Rights - (eLearning Course)

This course will specifically focus on the need for pharmacies to ensure compliance with employee legislation. Employment law has become increasingly complex over the past number of years. There are rich sources of information that inform employees of their various responsibilities, but also of their employment rights. With increasing inspections by relevant bodies, it is critical that employers and managers have a basic knowledge in all aspects of recruitment, selection, employment, and the management of employees.


IPU Irish Pharmacy Retail Sales Course (eLearning Course)

This course provides the pharmacy sales assistant with the knowledge and understanding of the various techniques used for up-selling and cross-selling within retail pharmacy.The course has been designed for the experienced pharmacy sales assistant who wants to refresh their skills to improve and/or increase pharmacy sales. It is also appropriate for the new pharmacy sales assistant to develop their sales ability and gain essential knowledge and skill to engage with customers to maximise pharmacy sales.

The content covers the following topics:

  • Opening a sale
  • Establishing a customer’s needs and wants
  • Presenting and matching product and services
  • Handling a customer objection
  • Closing a sale


IPU Continuing Professional (CPD) Courses for Pharmacy Technicians and the Pharmacy Team – (eLearning Courses)

These CPD courses have been designed to engage the learner using interactive on-screen content, quizzes, video presentations and a final assessment where the learner can print their own Certificate of Completion.

eLearning courses available:

Asthma Treatment Update

Chronic Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Gastrointestinal Conditions (1)

Gastrointestinal Conditions (2)

Heart Health (1)

Heart Health (2)

Mental Health (1) Depression

Mental Health (2) Basic understanding of Schizophrenia

Instructions on how to ‘Enrol and Pay’ online are included on each Information sheet.


If you have any questions, you can phone Janice or Susan in the Training Unit on 01 493 6401 / 01 406 1555 direct dial, or email ei.up1674952805i@gni1674952805niart1674952805.

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