International Men’s Day 19 November 2022

International Men’s Day 19 November 2022

Pharmacists: Men need to start making their health a priority

Pharmacies can be boys' and mens' first point of contact for their health concerns.

Friday 18 November 2022: Pharmacists are advising men to make their health a priority and to engage with their local pharmacies on any health concerns they may have. On International Men’s Day 2022 (November 19th), the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) are asking men to take positive actions to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing.

The IPU is encouraging both boys and men to utilise the expertise and accessibility of their local pharmacists, who can aid them across a wide range of medical issues. Pharmacists are trained healthcare professionals and can be an important first point of contact in the community for both boys and men who are apprehensive in discussing their health concerns.

IPU member and pharmacist Tomas Conefrey said, “Pharmacists can be a first point of contact for boys and men to discuss any health concerns they may have and advise them on their next steps. If men can take that positive step and have a quick, private, and confidential conversation with a pharmacist in the patient consultation room it could make all the difference to their overall health and wellbeing.”

“We know that men of all ages in Ireland have difficulty opening up and discussing these personal and private matters. However, having the support of your local pharmacist can be the impetus for them to make healthier choices in several facets of their lives such as general lifestyle and eating. While these can be sensitive topics, pharmacists are trained professionals who can offer support and further medical guidance to those who may need it.”

“There are several health issues facing boys and men in Ireland today that pharmacies are equipped to lend support to. Pharmacies across the country can advise on several issues, including minor ailments, high blood pressure, smoking cessation and sports injuries. These health issues can be discussed in a private consultation room allowing all men the freedom to discuss issues in a safe environment. Ultimately, it is up to both young adults and men to take an active role in improving their physical and mental health, but we want to stress that there are supports available in their local pharmacy to those who need them,” concluded Mr Conefrey.

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