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Co-administration of Vaccines

We have received queries from members regarding the co-administration of the seasonal influenza vaccine and the COVID-19 bivalent booster vaccines when only one arm is available for administration.

As it is not known if COVID-19 vaccine reactogenicity is increased with co-administration, NIO has advised that vaccines should preferably be administered in different limbs. Therefore, it is advised to either schedule a second appointment for the patient or alternatively administer the second vaccine i.e., seasonal influenza vaccine, in the vastus lateralis muscle in the anterolateral aspect of the thigh if you are familiar with this site. For further information please refer to the immunisation guidelines.


HSE Pharmacy Listing COVID-19 Vaccination Service

The HSE has a list available on its website which contains pharmacies offering a COVID-19 vaccination service. If you require your pharmacy to be added to the list, please contact directly. Pharmacies should include the pharmacy name, Pharmacy PSI registration number, address, google maps link, website, phone number, and opening hours in this email. To have any details currently displayed on the HSE list amended, please complete this form.

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