Product Information & Recalls

Bendamustine Accord Important Safety Information1 March 2023View
Parnate 10mg CIU Letter14 February 2023View
HPRA Update – Caprelsa (vandetanib) – Important Safety Information30 January 2023View
Levothyroxine Containing Products – Important Safety Information30 January 2023View
Glypressin (Terlipressin) Important Safety Information21 December 2022View
HPRA – Product Information Update – Mifegyne21 December 2022View
EMA Safety Committee Recommends Pholcodine-Containing Medicinal Products Are No Longer Marketed6 December 2022View
HPRA Update On Review of Over-The-Counter Medicines Containing Codeine5 December 2022View
HSE National Patient Safety Alert Codeine Containing Products5 December 2022View
Spikevax (elasomeran) Important Safety Information22 November 2022View
Levonorgestrel – Product Information Update18 November 2022View
Oestrogel Pump Pack 750 mcg/actuation Gel Product Supply Information16 November 2022View
Chlormadinone Acetate & Nomegestrol Acetate Important Safety Information14 November 2022View
Xalkori – Important Safety Information9 November 2022View
Imbruvica Important Safety Information7 November 2022View
Nurofen Plus (codeine/ibuprofen) Important Safety Information24 October 2022View
Teva Caution In Use Notification Provigil 200mg20 October 2022View
Topamax (topiramate) – Important Safety Information19 October 2022View
Ophthalmological Prostaglandin Analogues – Change to S1B19 October 2022View
HPRA Product Information Update Chloromycetin Redidrops Eye Drops (chloramphenicol)20 September 2022View
HPRA Batch Recall Notice – Veterinary Medicine Zerofen 22 % Granules5 August 2022View
MiniMed 600 & 700 Series Insulin Pumps – HPRA Warning19 July 2022View
FSAI Recall of Certain Batches of CBD and Hemp Oil Products Due to Unsafe Levels of THC19 July 2022View
Dexmedetomidine Important Safety Information21 June 2022View
Ocaliva Important Safety Information 10 June 202213 June 2022View
HPRA Advice on FMD aspects of supplying Utrogestan 100mg & 200mg30 May 2022View
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