HSE / APMI / IPHA Price Changes

Reference Price Update July 202431 May 2024View
Reference Pricing 1 July 202312 June 2023View
HSE PCRS Price Changes 1 July 202312 June 2023View
HSE IPHA Price Reductions for Implementation 1 March 202322 February 2023View
HSE PI Reductions for Implementation 1 March 202322 February 2023View
HSE Price Reductions for Implementation – 01 March 20227 February 2022View
IPHA Price Reductions Clause 7 8 9 – 01 February 202217 January 2022View
IPHA Agreement – December 202121 December 2021View
HSE Parallel Imports Price Reduction November 20201 October 2020View
IPHA Price Reductions October 20204 September 2020View
HSE PCRS PI Reductions 1 May 202017 April 2020View
HSE Parallel Imports Price Reductions 1st August 201915 July 2019View
Clause 7 Reductions 1st July 20192 July 2019View
IPHA Price Reductions July 201914 June 2019View
IPHA Price Reductions 1 July 20187 June 2018View
HSE Reductions Effective 1 February 20182 February 2018View
IPHA/HSE Confirmed GMS Price Realignment 1 July 20172 June 2017View
HSE Price Reductions 1 May 201721 April 2017View
Ostomy Urinary Description Changes February 201731 January 2017View
Ostomy Urinary Additions February 201731 January 2017View
HSE Price Reductions 1 January 201720 December 2016View
IPU to DGHSE re IPHA Reductions 29Jul201629 July 2016View
IPU to MfH re IPHA Agreement 28Jul201628 July 2016View
Framework Agreement on the Supply & Pricing of Medicines22 July 2016View
IPHA Agreement Confirmed Prices Effective 1 August 201620 July 2016View
Note from Secretary General re: IPHA / HSE Proposed Outline Agreement18 July 2016View
HSE Price Reductions 1 March11 February 2016View
IPHA Price Reductions 1 January 20148 April 2015View
IPHA Price Reductions 1 November 20139 November 2013View
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