Clinical Tips

Topiramate- Potential Risk of Neurodevelopmental Disorders- October 202212 October 2022View
Paxlovid – Oral antiviral authorised for the treatment of COVID-19 – April 20225 April 2022View
Insulin Aspart – Fiasp versus Novorapid – December 20214 March 2022View
Glycopyrronium Bromide for Paediatric Use – November 20214 November 2021View
Evorel Conti and Evorel Sequi – risk of dispensing error – September 20214 November 2021View
Erythromycin updated warnings regarding cardio-vascular risks30 June 2021View
Change to Madopar dosing with respect to food3 June 2021View
Methotrexate and Trimethoprim Interaction30 April 2021View
Prescriptions for Contraceptive Pills30 April 2021View
Antiviral therapy in the clinical management of COVID-19 an update2 March 2021View
Risk of cutaneous amyloidosis with Insulin-containing medicines – February 202128 January 2021View
Implanon NXT- Risk of Implant Migration – December 202028 January 2021View
SGLT2 Inhibitors – November 202028 January 2021View
Corticosteroids for COVID-19 – October 20207 October 2020View
Iron Preparations – September 20202 September 2020View
Carbimazole and Propylthiouracil – July 20209 July 2020View
Vitamin D supplementation during COVID-19 – June 202014 June 2020View
Potential Treatments for COVID-19 – May 202014 June 2020View
Codeine and Breastfeeding – April 202014 June 2020View
Pregabalin – Risk of Dependence and Misuse – March 202014 June 2020View
Methotrexate – New measures to avoid potentially fatal dosing errors – February 202014 June 2020View
Updated advice on contraception for women who are overweight or have obesity – December 201914 June 2020View
Hormonal Replacement Therapy – November 201914 June 2020View
HPV Vaccine Update – October 201914 June 2020View
Asthma Update Part 2 – September 20193 September 2019View
Asthma Update Part 1- August 201923 August 2019View
TNF-α Inhibitors – July 201923 August 2019View
Oral Iron and Levothyroxine – June 20197 June 2019View
Hydrochlorothiazide – risk of non-melanoma skin cancer – April 201910 April 2019View
Restrictions on the use of Quinolone and Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics – March 201910 April 2019View
Treatment of Hepatitis C in Ireland – Feb 201910 April 2019View
Biosimilars – Dec 201810 April 2019View
Influenza virus vaccines 2018/2019 season – Nov 201810 April 2019View
Methotrexate: risk minimisation in pregnancy – Oct 201810 April 2019View
Proton pump inhibitors: an interaction with Clopidogrel? – Sept 201810 April 2019View
Drug interactions with Daktarin Oral Gel – July 201810 April 2019View
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