Media releases

Increase of Third Level Places for Pharmacy a Welcome First Step24 May 2023View
Pharmacy AGM To Hear Government Inaction ‘Stifling’ Community Pharmacy13 May 2023View
Minister Warned that Pharmacies at ‘Tipping Point’ Due to Significant Underinvestment, with no Fee Increases in 15 Years11 May 2023View
Hay Fever Season Arrives: Pharmacists issue warning about Hay Fever3 May 2023View
IPU Welcomes the European Commission’s Proposal to Reform Pharmaceutical Legislation including Addressing Medicine Shortages27 April 2023View
Pharmacies being strangled by ‘red tape’19 April 2023View
International Women’s Day8 March 2023View
Pharmacists encourage smokers to quit this Ash Wednesday21 February 2023View
Plans to increase pharmacy education places welcomed10 February 2023View
Pharmacies could provide solutions to current healthcare crisis10 January 2023View
Mixing Medicines and Alcohol can be Highly Dangerous, Warn Pharmacists15 December 2022View
Parents encouraged to Book Free Childrens’ Flu Vaccines this Winter1 December 2022View
Pharmacists Support International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women25 November 2022View
IPU Pharmacy Technician Course Year 2 2023 (BETEC Level 3 Diploma in Principles and Practice for Pharmacy Technicians) – Reminder23 November 2022View
Spikevax – HPRA Safety Information23 November 2022View
Pharmacy in the Media23 November 2022View
eNewsletter Format – Important Update23 November 2022View
Advertising Campaign-Childrens’ Flu Vaccine23 November 2022View
Electronic submission of EU and Dental Treatment Services Scheme Claims23 November 2022View
Phased Dispensing23 November 2022View
NIO Webinar Lunch ‘n’ Learn Childrens Nasal Flu Vaccine23 November 2022View
National Cancer Control Programme23 November 2022View
Updated COVID-19 Consent and Medical Eligibility Form23 November 2022View
Discount for Members23 November 2022View
Membership for newly qualified pharmacists and pharmacy students23 November 2022View
IPU Regional Meetings 2022 – Online Meeting23 November 2022View
International Men’s Day 19 November 202218 November 2022View
Pharmacists: Antibiotic Overuse is a Growing Threat to Global Health18 November 2022View
Pharmacists: Antibiotic Overuse is a Growing Threat to Global Health17 November 2022View
IPU Training Unit – CPD eLearning Training Courses – Two New Topics Added17 November 2022View
IPU Pharmacy Technician Course Year 2 2023 (BETEC Level 3 Diploma in Principles and Practice for Pharmacy Technicians) – Reminder17 November 2022View
Oestrogel Pump Pack 750 mcg/actuation Gel17 November 2022View
Pharmacy in the Media17 November 2022View
Management of Owings17 November 2022View
IPU Academy Autumn Webinar Programme17 November 2022View
Pharmacist Antimicrobial Stewardship (PAMS) Network17 November 2022View
Shingles Vaccination Programme17 November 2022View
Pharmacy in the Media9 November 2022View
Safe Pharmacy – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 9 November 2022View
Generic Substitution9 November 2022View
‘Yellow bag’ Sample Returns of Supporting Documentation request9 November 2022View
Third Country Qualification Route (TCQR)9 November 2022View
Opioid Substitution Treatment9 November 2022View
Shingles Vaccination Programme9 November 2022View
Final IPU Regional Meeting9 November 2022View
IPU Training Unit – CPD eLearning Training Courses2 November 2022View
Safe Pharmacy – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women  2 November 2022View
Pharmacy in the Media2 November 2022View
Political Advocacy  2 November 2022View
IPUmail Access2 November 2022View
Upcoming IPU Regional Meetings2 November 2022View
Uniphar2 November 2022View
Dental Treatment Service Scheme (DTSS)2 November 2022View
Paxlovid® claims and returns2 November 2022View
Ukrainian Citizens2 November 2022View
Generic GMS Card – No approvals for phased dispensing2 November 2022View
Fitness to Practise (FTP)2 November 2022View
PAMT Additional Training Dates2 November 2022View
FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation)2 November 2022View
TCQR (Third Country Qualification Route)2 November 2022View
Parents encouraged to book free children’s flu vaccines this midterm1 November 2022View
Pharmacists welcome National Women’s Council of Ireland call for greater choice in contraceptive care27 October 2022View
IPU Training Unit – eLearning Training Courses27 October 2022View
Nurofen Plus (codeine/ibuprofen)27 October 2022View
Provigil 200mg tablets – Batch number M5047B27 October 2022View
Pharmacy in the Media27 October 2022View
Online Retail Scheme – Final Claim Date27 October 2022View
Minister for Health, CMO and CDO Promoting Flu Vaccination in Pharmacy27 October 2022View
October HSE PCRS Claim Submission Dates27 October 2022View
Medicinal Cannabis Access Program – ordering arrangements27 October 2022View
List of GPs and Dentists with GMS Contracts27 October 2022View
Replacements of the clinical waste bins after COVID-19 vaccine order27 October 2022View
Pharmacist Antimicrobial Stewardship (PAMS) Network27 October 2022View
Medication Sick Day Leaflet27 October 2022View
Health Protection Surveillance Centre27 October 2022View
Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme27 October 2022View
Public Urged to Avail of Flu Vaccine in Pharmacies Nationwide25 October 2022View
World Menopause Day – 18 October 202218 October 2022View
IPU Training Unit – Training Courses Autumn 202213 October 2022View
Pharmacy in the Media13 October 2022View
Diclofenac Sodium Teva Name Change – Motusol13 October 2022View
COVID 19 Vaccine – Fees13 October 2022View
CARIBAN® (doxylamine / pyridoxine) – BUDGET 2023 Update13 October 2022View
HSE Clinical Waste Removal13 October 2022View
IPU Academy Autumn Webinar Programme13 October 2022View
Pharmacist Antimicrobial Stewardship (PAMS) Network13 October 2022View
HSE – Sexual Health (SH) 24 Hours a Day13 October 2022View
Pneumococcal Vaccination Service13 October 2022View
Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme13 October 2022View
COVID-19 Vaccination Programme13 October 2022View
IPU Regional Meetings next week in Navan and Limerick13 October 2022View
RTE Primetime Programme on Codeine Addiction5 October 2022View
Budget 2023: Irish Pharmacy Union Response27 September 2022View
World Pharmacist Day27 September 2022View
Free Contraception Service Welcomed but Should be Easier to Access14 September 2022View
Back to School Wellness Tips from Pharmacists26 August 2022View
Budget 2023 Must Address Underfunding of Pharmacy Sector18 August 2022View
Sharon Foley Takes Up Position as Secretary General of Irish Pharmacy Union17 August 2022View
Public urged to protect their skin during warm weather10 August 2022View
Pharmacies reach one million COVID-19 vaccine milestone26 July 2022View
Pharmacist Shortage Nears Crisis Levels – Irish Pharmacy Union14 July 2022View
Free Contraception scheme will be Undermined Without Improved Access7 July 2022View
Safe Pharmacy: New Initiative to Help Victims of Domestic abuse launched in pharmacies nationwide1 July 2022View
Failure to Include Pharmacy Among 1,000 New Third Level Places an ‘Inexplicable Oversight’29 June 2022View
Dire Shortage of Pharmacists Requires Urgent Action Plan22 June 2022View
Men’s Health Week 202213 June 2022View
Pharmacists issue advice to students on managing stress during exam season2 June 2022View
Pharmacies ideally suited for HPV vaccination of young people and should be included in new campaign27 May 2022View
Pharmacists call for change in Prescribing Rules to provide them with increased options to Supply Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Medicines23 May 2022View
Department of Health urged to appoint Chief Pharmacy Officer16 May 2022View
Insufficient number of pharmacists impacting on patient needs14 May 2022View
Irish Pharmacy Union AGM to take place this Saturday 14 May12 May 2022View
Irish Pharmacy Union announces appointment of Sharon Foley as incoming Secretary General5 May 2022View
Pharmacists urge people to come forward for first COVID-19 booster vaccine25 April 2022View
Pharmacists issue healthcare advice for new and expecting mums on Mother’s Day28 March 2022View
National No Smoking Day2 March 2022View
IPU highlights important role of pharmacists in advising on medication for older people21 February 2022View
Ireland urgently requires new pharmacy school to stave off impending crisis  14 February 2022View
Recognition due to the unique role of pharmacy staff during the pandemic19 January 2022View
Public requested to order medicines in advance where possible10 January 2022View
Pharmacies significantly ramp up vaccination to help counteract Omicron threat20 December 2021View
Growing shortage of community pharmacists must be addressed14 December 2021View
Pharmacists Warn Public About the Risk of Antibiotic Misuse18 November 2021View
Pharmacists Criticise Exclusion from COVID Booster Campaign29 October 2021View
Antigen Tests Key to the Next Phase of Reopening27 October 2021View
Failure to Utilise Pharmacies in COVID Booster Programme a Major Oversight20 October 2021View
Pharmacies Should Play Central Role in any Booster Campaign for COVID Vaccines19 October 2021View
Budget 2022: Irish Pharmacy Union Reaction12 October 2021View
Any pandemic bonus must include community pharmacists1 October 2021View
IPU calls on Minister Donnelly to follow through with his commitment to Free Contraception Scheme24 September 2021View
Pharmacy Triage System Could Revolutionise Healthcare in the Community21 September 2021View
Pharmacies reach 250,000 COVID-19 vaccine milestone2 September 2021View
Importance of Pharmacies has Increased throughout pandemic23 August 2021View
Over 700 pharmacies to administer Pfizer Vaccine10 August 2021View
Ireland should follow UK example on contraceptives – Pharmacists30 July 2021View
All vaccinating pharmacies should be supplied with Pfizer vaccine ASAP as Janssen stocks diminishing27 July 2021View
Pharmacies left vulnerable to crime by lockdown26 July 2021View
Pharmacies deliver 100,000th COVID-19 vaccine20 July 2021View
High Pollen Forecast leads to Hay Fever warning from pharmacists14 July 2021View
Increase in third level places for pharmacy welcomed14 July 2021View
IPU welcomes extension of pharmacy vaccinations to 18 to 34 year olds2 July 2021View
HSE Press Release re Janssen Vaccines in Pharmacies 01Jul20212 July 2021View
Pharmacists should be permitted to vaccinate all those eligible for Janssen vaccine29 June 2021View
International Men’s Health Week16 June 2021View
Pharmacists and pharmacy staff experiencing unexplained delays receiving second vaccine dose3 June 2021View
Know the Difference between Hay Fever and COVID-19 symptoms – Pharmacists issue Advice22 April 2021View
IPU proposes HPV vaccination in community pharmacy31 March 2021View
Pharmacists should immediately be mobilised to administer HPV vaccine30 March 2021View
Pharmacists call for urgent clarity on when they can begin vaccinating against COVID-1929 March 2021View
Postcode lottery could slowdown vaccine rollout25 March 2021View
Pharmacists issue advice for new and expecting mums ahead of Mother’s Day12 March 2021View
Call for pharmacists to be utilised to stop vaccine targets being missed5 March 2021View
IPU strongly endorses statement of European colleagues on vital role of pharmacy during COVID crisis23 February 2021View
Pharmacists have solutions to some of the Covid vaccine complications4 February 2021View
Pharmacists welcome plan to allow them vaccinate public against COVID-1919 January 2021View
Pharmacists welcome launch of Viagra as an over-the-counter medication18 January 2021View
Pharmacists warn that Brexit will affect UK online prescriptions13 January 2021View
Pharmacy Staff Must be Prioritised for COVID Vaccine8 January 2021View
Pharmacists Warn of the Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with Medicines18 December 2020View
Pharmacists advise to get your essential medicines early and avoid the Christmas rush17 December 2020View
Pharmacists key role in Vaccine Plan welcomed by IPU15 December 2020View
Pharmacists welcome extension of free flu vaccine to 13-17-year olds11 December 2020View
Pharmacies need to be an essential part of COVID-19 Vaccination campaign7 December 2020View
Pharmacists urge Government to extend free flu vaccine to 13-17-year olds24 November 2020View
Antibiotic Overuse Could Cause the Next Global Healthcare Crisis18 November 2020View
Pharmacists extremely concerned at lack of flu vaccines11 November 2020View
Pharmacists urge people to self-isolate when awaiting COVID-19 test results5 November 2020View
Government urged to facilitate more comprehensive pharmacy services27 October 2020View
Uncertainty over flu vaccine deeply concerning – Pharmacists15 October 2020View
Budget 2021: Irish Pharmacy Union Reaction13 October 2020View
Affordable Healthcare Measures Welcomed by Pharmacists6 October 2020View
COVID-19 affects on Depression and Anxiety – IPHA and IPU Survey5 October 2020View
Pharmacists welcome decision to allow them to vaccinate outside the pharmacy premises1 October 2020View
Pharmacists urge Rethink on Healthcare Spending28 September 2020View
World Pharmacists Day 202025 September 2020View
Statement from the IPU4 September 2020View
Pharmacists welcome expansion of Flu Vaccination programme1 September 2020View
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