Wholefoods Wholesale

Unit 3 Kylemore Ind Estate,

Killeen Road, Dublin 10


Tel: 01 626 2315

Fax: 01 626 1233

Email: info@wholefoods.ie

Web: www.wholefoods.ie


Types of Business: Agents and distributors of Herbal Remedies, Nutritional Supplements, Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences, Natural and Organic Bodycare, Manuka Honey, Sports Nutrition, Natural Hair colouring, Aromatherapy Oils, Gluten free and Dietary foods.



A.Vogel Herbal: Gingko Biloba, Hypericum Complex, Hypericum Perforatum, Serotone, St John’s Wort.

OTC Confined:

A.Vogel Herbal: Prostasan.

Non-OTC Confined:

A.Vogel Herbal Tinctures: Echinacea for the family, Atrosan, Atrogel, Milk Thistle tincture and tablets, Passiflora, Dormeasan, Cough Spray, Ivy Thyme, Venaforce, Sinuforce, Eye Drops, Bronchosan, Digestisan and Menoforce as well as a full range of other herbal remedies.

A.Vogel Veterinary: Jan De Vries Animal Essences – Animal Separation, Animal Emergency, Animal Highly Strung Essence, Animal Over-Dominant, Animal Timid.

Amina Strath – Feed supplement (combination of yeast & herbs).

Acrove Edge – Cherry Juice

Aromatherapy Oils: Atlantic Aromatics, Absolute Aromas, Ord River Tea Tree.

Bach Original Flower Remedies

Bioglan: OAD Super Fish Oil, Red Krill, Stat-Guard, Glucosamine SR1500mg, Promensil.

Biomedical: Think Krill, Cardio-K, Cardio-P, and Cardio-T.

Bio-Strath: Herbal Tonic

Celtic Wind: CBD Oil

Eskimo Oil: Brainsharp Omega, Eskimo Kids and Eskimo Omega 3.

Gluten Free and Dietary Foods: Nanny Goats Milk, Barkat, Eat Natural, Nak’d Bars, Linwood’s, Panda, RJ’s Licorice, Vita Coco.

Healthy Snacking: Meridian Nut Butters, Protein Bars (Quest, Fulfil, Kind, Bounce).

Herbal Teas: Pukka, Tea Pigs, Heath & Heather and Yogi.

Higher Nature: The Saltpipe, Balance for Nerves, Red Sterol, Kids Range, Teens range.

Hubner: Gastrointestinal Gel, Iron Vital Tonic, Silicea Caps – For Hair, Skin & Nails, Silicea Cold Sore Lip Gel and Silicea Beauty Gel.

Jan De Vries Essences: Night, Craving, Concentration, Emergency, Relaxation, Confidence, Mood.

Life Boost: Children’s Honey and Glycerine Syrup.

Lifestyle Products: Ecover, Lilly’s, The Saltpipe and Natracare (personal hygiene).

LithoLexal® Marine Plant Extract – Bone Health, Joint Health, Bone Care.

MAG365: Powder based range of magnesium supplements.

Mother and Babycare: Earth Friendly Baby, Natural Babycare Nappies, Wipes and Bodycare.

Natural and Organic Bodycare: Jason, Avalon, Faith in Nature, Blend Collective.

Natural Henna: Surya Brasil

Naturtint Hair Colours: Permanent, Reflex (Semi Permanent).

Nelsons Homeopathic Remedies: Nelsons Teetha Granules and Gel, Nelsons Arnicare, Nelsons Clikpak, topical and formulated remedies.

Nourkrin Hair Supplements: Nourkrin Maintain, Nourkrin Man, Nourkrin Woman, Nourkrin Post Pregnancy, Nourkrin Active, Nourkrin Radiance, Scalp Lotion, Nourkrin Sham & Cond.

Nourella: Active skin support supplement, Active skin rejuvenation cream.

Optibac Probiotics: A natural range of probiotic supplements suitable for the whole family.

Optima: Aloe Vera Gel, Gentle Action Colon Cleanse, Aloe Dent Toothpastes and Mouthwash, Joint Complex, Aloe Pura Juices, Allergenics Skincare, Lecithin, Optima Lifestyle Vitamins, Australian Tea Tree, Montmorency Cherry Juice, Cranberry Concentrate Juice.

Pernaton Green Lipped Mussel Extract: Pernaton Gel, Pernaton Relaxing Bath Therapy, Pernaton Capsules.

Pre-Conceive: Pre-Conceive preconception supplement.

Probiotic: Symprove, Optibac and Biokult.

Phizz – Rehydration + Vitamins and Minerals

Quest Vitamins: Tum Biotix, Mega 8 Biotix, Cran Biotix, Immune Biotix, Kidz- Biotix, Forte D4000, Glucosamine Sulphate, Kyolic Garlic, Enzyme Digest, Evening Primrose Oil, Mega B+C, Co enzyme Q10, L.Plantarum, Acidophilus, Cranbiotix, Vit E, Chewable Vit C 500mg, Infabiotix, Bright Start, EquiGluco, Lactase Biotix.

Rescue Remedy: Rescue Remedy, Rescue Night, Rescue Plus.

Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract: Sambucol Original, Sambucol Kids, Sambucol Effervescent.

Sea-Band, Hay-Band: Sea-Band Child, Sea-Band Adult, Sea-Band Mama.

Silicolgel: Oral gel containing colloidal silicic acid for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and IBS.

Spatone Iron Supplement: Spatone Original and Spatone Vit C.

Sports Nutrition: Optimum Nutrition, Sunwarrior

Style’ White: The Style’White Kit, Cleaning Wipes, Refreshing Brush, Gel Refill.

Spotlight:  Whitening strips, whitening toothpaste and whitening pen.

Tanning: Tan Organic.

Teetha: Teething granules and gel.

Zerochol: Zerochol plant sterol supplement.

Zincuflex: Curcumin and Ginger food supplement.


Distribution: Direct to Pharmacies and via wholesalers (specific lines).


Management: Alan Martin – General Manager, Cillian Molloy – Group Director; Paul Gaffney – Purchasing Director; Kylie Burke – Information Systems Director; Peter Noone – Sales & Marketing Manager; Ronan O’Flynn – National Accounts Manager.


Number of Sales Force: 9

Territory: Ireland – For details of your local representative please contact the Wholefoods office on 01 626 2315.