Sundrelle Ltd

Unit 9, Ashbourne Business Park,

Ashbourne, Co Meath.


Tel: 01 835 1199

Fax: 01 835 2960

Email: info@sundrelle.ie

Web: www.sundrelle.ie


Type of Business:

Wholesale Distributors.



Ardell Lashes, Banat Toothbrushes, Beam Teeth Whitening ,Bic Razors, Brylcreem, Bubble T Cosmetics, Calypso, Candles, Carmex, Infinity Manicure Products & Hair Accessories, Clippasafe Baby Products, Cocoa Brown Tan, Co Lab (Dry Shampoo) Hair Care, Colgate, Confectionery, Cotoneve Cotton Products, Crystal Clear Reading Glasses, Crystal Deodorant, Dax Wax, Denman Brushes, Dental Products, Dimples Depilatory Products, Disposable Pants, Duo Products, Duracell Batteries, Elastoplast, First Aid Kits, Fisherman’s Friends, Flawless Cosmetic Brushes, Flawless Make Up, Flormar Cosmetics, Fresh Breath Breath Sprays, Fragrances Mens & Ladies, Fun Mints, Greeting Cards, Halls Soothers, Hask Hair Products, Hot Water Bottles, Ivora Fine Combs, Jakemans Confectionery, Johnny’s Chop Shop, Jolen Bleach, Kedley Supports, Kleenex, Lice Dr, Lipcote, Marie Claire Tights, Max Factor, Mepore Dressings, Microwaveable Heat Products, Mirrors, Natural Beeswax, Oral B, Parasol Sun Products, Poppi & Pearl, Pill Mate, Purederm Face/Hair Mask Sachets, Quickies, Quies Earplugs, Ramer Sponges, Skin Deep Tanning Wipes, SOSU Beauty Products, Sun Care, Sunglasses, Super 25 Cigarette Filters, Swiss O Par Products, Tanning Accessories, TePe Interdental Products, Thermometers, Toilet Bags, Tommee Tippee Baby Products, Travel Blue Accessories, Umbrellas, Vaseline Products, VIP Sensitive Earrings, Watches, Waterwipes, Wet Brush, Wet Ones, Wisdom Dental, Xmas Gift Sets, Zoella. Plus a wide range of Chemist Sundries.


Sales Force: 7                       Territory

Mr Donal O’Gorman            Dublin

Mr Martin McConnell         Dublin, Leinster

Mr Tommy Nolan                 Leinster

Mr Freddie Jordan               Connacht

Mr Padraig Heffernan         Midlands

Mr Simon Earlie                    Munster