Sona Nutrition Ltd

3 Westgate Business Park,

Ballymount, Dublin 24, D24 P220.


Tel: 01 451 5087

Fax: 01 450 8221

E-Mail: info@sona.ie

Web: www.sona.ie

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Type of Business: Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Food Supplements and Herbal Remedies.



Non-Confined: Sona Nutritional Supplements: MultiPlus® Tablets/Capsules/Effervescent, MultiPlus® Junior 200ml Syrup, MultiPlus® Junior Chewable Tablets, MultiPlus® Iron Free Tablets, MultiPlus® 50+ Tablets, Calcium Complete Tablets, Cal/Mag Tablets, Calcium with Vitamin D Tablets, Iron Complete 200ml Tonic, Magnesium 250mg Tablets, Magnesium 500mg Tablets, Balance® Multivitamin Tablets, Stress Remedy Pack, PMT Pack, Evening Primrose Oil Capsules, Starflower Oil Capsules, Stress B+E+C500 Tablets, B Complex Time Release Tablets, Vitamin B6 50mg Tablets, Energise B+ Effervescent, Thiamin 100mg Tablets, Vitamin C500 Tablets, C1000 Complex Time Release Tablets, Revital C Effervescent, Natural Vitamin E400 Capsules, Natural Beta-Carotene Capsules, Acidophilus Complete Capsules, AfterBiotic® Capsules, Pro25Biotic, Acidobifidus Tablets, Aloe Vera Capsules, Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules, Omergan Capsules, Omega 3 Cholesterol Free Capsules, GTF Chromium Tablets, Selenium Tablets, Kelp Tablets, Cranberry Capsules, Lecithin Capsules, Odourless Garlic Perles, GarliC Tablets, PregnaPlan® Complete Capsules, PregnaPlan® Breastfeeding, PregnaPlan® Morning Capsules, D1000 Tablets, D400 Tablets, D2000 Capsules, Glucosamine Sulphate Capsules, JointPlan Capsules, Zinc 25mg Tablets, ZinC Chewable Tablets, L-Lysine 500mg/1000mg Tablets, Lysinel Tablets, BabyFer 50ml Drops, Infant D3 30ml Drops, CardioCol Capsules, KiddieBiotic Chewable Tablets, Kiddie D3 30ml Drops, BabyBiotic 8.5ml Drops, Red Yeast Rice Capsules, Zomega 3 Junior and Zomega 3 Women, UltraBiotic Active, UltraBiotic Hormonal Balance.


Sona Herbal Remedies: Femikar® Plus Capsules, Green Tea Forte Capsules, Activated Charcoal Capsules, Ginger Capsules, Korean Ginseng Capsules, Peppermint Oil 200mg Capsules, Relax Capsules, AquaPlan Capsules, FibrePlan Capsules, Milk Thistle Forte Capsules.


Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products: Echinace Tablets



Staff lectures, merchandising, promotional support and in-store training.


Distribution: Direct and Via Wholesalers.



Mr Ohan Yergainharsian: Managing Director

Mrs Margaret Kavanagh: Compliance Manager

Mrs Sinead Flinter: Operations Manager

Mrs Lorraine Smith: Key Accounts Manager


Sales Force: 3

Mr Harvey Skinner

Ms Joyce McKinley

Mr Stephen Kean