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Did you know as a Company Director you can potentially extract up to €750,000 tax free from your business?


Building your pharmacy is challenging. A strategic approach lays the foundation for long-term goal achievement & success.


At Pharmawealth we will help you;

  • Start planning as early as possible.
  • Manage and extract your wealth in the most tax-efficient way.
  • Take advantage of Wealth Management strategies available.
  • Ensure you extract and retain the capital from your business.


Pharmawealth is a Wealth Management firm specialising in the provision of professional financial advice and providing holistic financial planning to Irish Retail Pharmacists and Company Directors. We are members of the Trusted Advisor Group, the objective of which is to improve the client experience, compliance and best practice. Advice is provided by Qualified Advisors on a ‘Fee for Service’ basis. Our relationship is with you and not your money.


At Pharmawealth, we encourage you to engage in a Centralised Wealth Management process. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of where you are now, where you want to be and how we will facilitate you in reaching your expectations. Integrity and Knowledge are the cornerstones of our Financial Planning Team’s 128 years’ experience.


Our approach is goal-based Financial Planning, offering our existing and new clients clarity throughout our engagement. Pharmawealth makes it easy for clients to access world class long-term investment management, without hidden fees or large commissions. We construct, develop and manage your personal Globally Diversified Investment Portfolios across all asset classes.


Our focus is on

  • The appraisal of personal and business finances to reduce tax, reduce cost and increase performance.
  • Independent; no Affiliations or Alignment to any firm.
  • Goal Based Wealth Management Solutions.
  • Integrated Wealth Management System – REAP™, that helps you build a Wealth Management Foundation, develop wealth and then retain everything you have accumulated.


Our services are wide and varied, including:

– Protection of Assets

– Capital Management

– Extraction of Wealth

– Advice to Pharmacists in Financial Difficulty

– Tax Reduction

– Inheritance Tax Planning

– Retirement Planning

– Investments

– Insurance and Non Insurance Solutions

– Investment and Insurance Audits



Ed Gibbons – Sales Manager, United Drug (far left), Richard Collins CEO of Pharmawealth (centre), Michael Tierney – Pharmacist (far right); “Wealth Development for Irish Pharmacists” book launch, April 2017. “Wealth Development for Irish Pharmacists” is the follow on publication of “Pharmacy Capital Management” that gives pharmacists more information required to commence a Centralised Wealth Management Plan. It explains the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of building retirement income, having investments properly managed and protecting assets, all whilst using tax-efficient strategies.


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Tel: 01 458 4327

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