Nova Laboratories Ltd

Gloucester Crescent, Wigston,

Leicestershire LE18 4YL, England.


Tel: +44 116 223 0100

Fax: +44 116 223 0101

Email: sales@novalabs.co.uk

Web: www.novalabs.co.uk


Type of Business:

Nova Laboratories is a UK leading independent supplier of both ‘Specials’ and clinical trial services to healthcare professionals. Our state of the art facilities allow us to provide virtually any pharmaceutical dosage form, including non-sterile cytotoxic formulations with >10,000+ formulations.

Our highly experienced and responsive team aim to offer excellent value for money and routinely despatch both stock items and individually compounded patient medication within 24 hours of order receipt (subject to ingredient availability).



Solutions, suspensions, creams, ointments, gels, lotions, capsules, sachets, suppositories, enemas, ear drops, nasal drops, cytotoxic products, pre-filled syringes, mini bags.



Dr Peter White: Managing & Technical Director

Dr Mike Edge: Head of Non Sterile Manufacturing

Mr Simon Phillips: Head of Sterile Manufacturing


Sales & Marketing:

Karen Cole: UK & Ireland