Mundi Pharma Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Millbank House, Arkle Road,

Sandyford, Dublin 18.


Tel: 01 206 3800

Fax: 01 294 5104

Email: info@mundipharma.ie

WWW : www.mundipharma.ie


Type of Business: Pharmaceutical.



Adizem SR Capsules, Adizem XL Capsules, BuTrans Matrix Patches, flutiform pMDI, flutiform k-haler, Herzuma Amps, Invokana Tablets, Levact concentrate for solution for infusion, MST Continus Tablets, MST Continus Suspension, Nyxoid nasal spray solution, OxyContin Tablets, OxyNorm Capsules, OxyNorm Liquid 1mg/ml, OxyNorm Liquid Concentrate 10mg/ml, OxyNorm Dispersa orodispersable Tablets, OxyNorm Solution for Injections, Palladone Caps/SR Caps, Palladone Caps/NR Caps, Phyllocontin Continus Tabs, Sevredol Tablets, Targin Tablets, Transtec Matrix Patches, Truxima  concentrate for solution for infusion, Uniphyllin Continus Tabs, Vokanmet tablets.


Distribution: Via United Drug Distributors.



Mr Donagh O’Leary: Commercial Lead

Ms Kate Kelly: HR and Compliance Lead

Mr Tomás Morrissey: Head of Finance


Product Support:

Mr Michael Scott: Specialist Products Manager

Ms Helen Hanrahan: Interim Marketing Lead of Specialist Driven Primary Care


Medical Scientific Liaison:

Dr Serika Naicker: MSL


Primary Care Representatives:

Ms Josephine Finn, Mr Leonard Buckley, Mr Sean Henry, Ms Dympna Gaffney, Ms Nuala O’Connell, Mr Keith Donohue


Secondary Care Representatives:

Ms Aoife Smith, Ms Caroline O’Dwyer, Mr Alan O’Donnell


Adverse events should be reported to: HPRA Pharmacovigilance, Earlsfort Terrace, IRL – Dublin 2; Tel: +353 1 676 4971; Fax: +353 1 676 2517. Website: www.hpra.ie; Email@ medsafety@hpra.ie. Adverse events should also be reported to Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Limited on drugsafetyireland@mundipharma.ie or by phone on 01 206 3800 (1800 991830 outside office hours).