MSD Ireland (Human Health) Ltd

Red Oak North, South County Business Park,

Leopardstown, Dublin 18

Tel: 01 299 8700

Fax: 01 299 8701

Web: www.msd.ie

Email: info@msd.ie


MSD, known as Merck & Co., Inc., of Kenilworth, NJ, USA in the United States and Canada, has operations in more than 140 countries. MSD Ireland is one of the country’s leading healthcare companies, having first established here over 50 years ago. We currently employ over 1,600 employees, across four sites in Ballydine, Co Tipperary, Brinny, Co Cork, Carlow and Dublin and, in addition, operate substantial Human Health and Animal Health business and continue to support MSD in Europe, Middle East and Africa through our Global Financial Services Centre in Dublin. To date, we have invested $2.5 billion in our Irish operations and our annual turnover ranks us as one of Ireland’s top 20 companies. Many of the most widely used MSD medicines are developed by our teams in Ireland, with over 50% of MSD’s global top 20 products now manufactured here.


Managing Director: Ger Brennan

Medical Director: Dr Colm Galligan

Regulatory Affairs Director: Ciara Haughey

Business Unit Director (Internal medicine & Vaccines): Conor Dempsey

Business Unit Director (Oncology & hospital acute care): Niall Keely

Business Unit Director (Immunology & Virology): David Jones

Business Unit Director (Market access & commercial operations): Mairead McCaul

Director, Policy / Government affairs & Communications: Liz O’Donnell

Director, Finance: Scott Raveling

Director, Human Resources: Lorraine Kenny,

Primary care Sales Manager: Adrian Curley


Product Portfolio:

Allergies & Respiratory: Asmanex, Nasonex, Neoclarityn, Singulair. Anaesthesia: Bridion, Esmeron, Norcuron. Anti-fungals: Noxafil, Cancidas. Anti-infectives: Invanz. Cholesterol: Atozet, Inegy, Ezetrol, Zocor. Contraception: Cerazette, Implanon NXT, Marviol, Mercilon, Nuvaring. Zoely. Dermatology: Diprosalic, Elocon, Remicade. Diabetes: Januvia, Janumet. Fertility: Elonva, Puregon, Orgalutran. Gastroenterology: Remicade, Simponi. Hepatitis C: ViraferonPeg, Rebetol, Victrelis. HIV/AIDS: Isentress. Hormone Replacement Therapy: Livial, Restandol Testocaps. Hypertension: Cozaar, Cozaar Comp, Innovace, Innozide, Moduret. Neurology: Sinemet. Oncology: Intron A, Emend, Ivemend, Temodal. Osteoporosis: Fosamax, Fosavance. Psychiatry: Zispin. Rheumatology: Remicade, Simponi. Urology: Proscar. Vaccines: GARDASIL® HBvaxPro® M-M-RVAXPRO® PNEUMOVAX23® VARIVAX® ZOSTAVAX®