Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals

12 Riverwalk,

Citywest Business Campus,

Dublin 24.


Tel: 01 495 5000

Fax: 01 495 5242

Telesales: 1800 991 869

Medical Information Freephone: 1 800 244 255

Web: https://gskpro.com/en-ie/


Type of Business:  Researches, develops and manufactures innovative pharmaceutical medicines and vaccines.


GSK, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, employs 1,700 people across four locations in Ireland – Dungarvan, Cork, Sligo and Dublin. It is committed to helping people around the world to do more, feel better and live longer. GSK is challenging the status quo of how a healthcare company can contribute to global health through improving access and innovation through both what and how they operate.

GSK’s Pharma business, based in Citywest, Dublin, is a leader in respiratory medicines and the largest provider of vaccines to the HSE in Ireland. It is committed to delivering high-quality products across a range of therapeutic areas including respiratory, psychiatry, dermatology, vaccines, antivirals, HIV/AIDS, neurology, antibiotics and metabolic disease.


Product Portfolio:

Amoxil, Anoro, Augmentin, Avamys, Avodart, Babyhaler, Bactroban, Becotide, Benlysta, Betnovate, Celsentri, Combivir, Combodart, Dermovate, Epivir, Eumovate, Flixotide, Flolan, Fortum, Juluca, Imigran, Incruse, Integrilin, Kivexa, Lamictal, Lyclear, Malarone, Nucala, Phymet, Relenza, Relvar, Requip, Requip-Modutab, Retrovir, Seretide, Serevent, Seroxat, Telzir, Tivicay, Trelegy,Triumeq, Trizivir, Valtrex, Ventolin, Volibris, Volumatic, Zantac, Zeffix, Ziagen, Zinacef, Zinnat, Zovirax, Zyban. (The above listed products are trademarks of the GSK group of companies or the ViiV Healthcare Group of companies).


Vaccines: Bexsero, Boostrix, Cervarix, Engerix B, Fendrix, Fluarix, Havrix, Hepatyrix, Hiberix, Infanrix Hexa, IPV-Boostrix, Menjugate, Menveo, Priorix, Rotarix, Twinrix and Typherix.


Stiefel: Duac, Stieprox and medical devices: Biopsy Punch, Curette.


Distribution: Via Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, Direct to Hospitals. Direct to Pharmacy for High-tech products under PCRS scheme, Direct to GPs for vaccines.


Emergency Out of Hours Telephone Number: 021 482 4397



Mr Aidan Lynch: Vice President & General Manager

Ms Eimear Caslin: Commercial Director

Mr Alan Downey: Director Classic and Established Products


Retail Commercial team:

Mr Michael McGreal: Retail Pharmacy Manager Western-Southern Region

Mr Sean Hyde: Senior Key Account Manager