Dublin: Davy House, 49 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Belfast: Donegall House, 7 Donegall Square North, Belfast BT1 5GB

Cork: Hibernian House, 80A South Mall, Cork

Galway: 1 Dockgate, Dock Road, Galway



Tel: 01 614 8778

Email: pharmacy@davy.ie

Web: www.davy.ie


Type of Business:

Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Investments and Pensions



At Davy, we work with pharmacists to meet their wealth management needs through first-class financial planning, investment management and asset selection. Helping business success translate back into personal financial success is at the core of the client offering.


Financial life planning is part of the service we provide to clients. It is designed to help pharmacists and their families get the most out of their financial assets, today and in the future.


Our services include:


  • Financial life planning services:
    • Retirement planning
    • Protection planning
    • Succession planning
  • Investment services:
    • Bespoke portfolio management
    • Global investment strategy


Key contacts:       


Phillip Smith, Associate Director, Davy Private Clients

E: phillip.smith@davy.ie

Kevin Doherty, Associate Director, Davy Private Clients

E: kevin.doherty@davy.ie

Kevin Doherty

Kevin Doherty

Philip Smith

Phillip Smith