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Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group

  • Full Time
  • Wicklow, Wicklow
  • Permanent
  • Starts: 01/03/2019
  • We are looking for kind and flexible people with a can-do attitude to join our fast-paced, collaborative working environment built on compassion, trust and respect.

    We are looking for people who care and are passionate about going the extra mile to ensure an exceptional customer experience for our customers and to contribute towards maintaining a great place to work for our people.

    Join us and you will work with highly experienced, professional people who will work alongside you to support you in your learning and development journey with us.

    Main duties and responsibilities:
    ◦Supervision of Pharmacy in the absence of a supervising pharmacist:
    •Ensure dispensing duties are carried out correctly and efficiently
    •Ensure ethical code is followed and discretion and confidentiality is maintained
    •Ensure best practice is adhered to at all times in all areas of the pharmacy
    •Ensure that dispensary standards are adhered to on a daily basis
    •Ensure that you and your staff follow all company procedures & protocols
    •Ensure you are aware of the company vision, mission and purpose statement
    •Ensure that a high quality service is provided to all customers
    •Ensure shop lifters are identified and dealt with according to company Policy & Procedures
    •Ensure that your staff have read the company memo every Wednesday
    •Ensure that you liaise directly with your operations manager on a regular basis

    ◦Customer Service responsibilities
    •Ensure that you and your staff give customers our full attention when dealing with them
    •Ensure that you and your staff make customers feel welcome and appreciated when visiting our pharmacy
    •Ensure that you and your staff proactively approach customers
    •Ensure that you and your staff welcome customers to our pharmacies
    •Ensure that you and your staff provide an efficient and helpful service
    •Ensure that you and your staff strive to be the best in our industry in relation to customer service
    •Ensure that you and your staff try to facilitate all customers as much as possible
    •Ensure that you and your staff assist customers with the best product knowledge in the industry and help source products for them that we may not have in stock
    •Ensure that you and your staff show empathy and understanding to all our customers
    •Ensure that you and your staff thank customer for their business and wish them a good day
    •Ensure that all staff use WHAAM questions when serving customers on the OTC counter
    •Ensure that prescription order forms are fully filled in with clear, concise, legible notes and attached to each prescription that is ordered
    •Ensure that all customers are advised of waiting times
    •Ensure that the prescription filling process is efficient and prompt
    •Ensure the correct use of marketing stickers with prescriptions
    •Ensure that all staff call a pharmacist if there is a “refer to pharmacist” note on the bag
    •Ensure that all prescriptions are processed, gathered & filled in a timely & precise manner
    •Ensure effective communication of any notes on the prescription bag with the customer
    •Ensure that you handle all prescription price queries from customers and price match where is appropriate
    •Ensure that all customers leaving the pharmacy are satisfied with the service they received
    •Ensure that all customer complaints are communicated to your supervising pharmacist and operations manager with utmost priority

    General Standards Responsibilities
    •Ensure that you and your staff’s overall presentation and professionalism is the best in the industry
    •Ensure that you and your staff are flexible at work to assist colleagues and managers alike throughout the pharmacy

    ◦Management of Staff:
    •Provide direction and support for your team and also create commitment and enthusiasm among other teams.
    •Lead by example – support your supervising pharmacist, retail manager and operations manager in any initiatives being rolled out either locally or on a company level
    •Participate in staff development and liaise with your supervising pharmacist and operations team to help good performers enhance their skills and capability
    •Support management in their various initiatives and be seen to support management in front of staff at all times
    •Consult with your retail manager and supervising pharmacist on a regular basis and work together as a team
    •Ensure you help your retail manager and supervising pharmacist with induction of new starters as per ADPG policy
    •Ensure you liaise with your retail manager when delegating roles and responsibilities to both dispensary and OTC staff
    •Ensure you participate in daily mini- meetings with the supervising pharmacist and dispensary staff
    Management of Stock
    •Ensure that you and your staff follow the ADPG purchasing policy for all stock
    •Ensure that you and your staff read all communication regarding purchasing from head office
    •Ensure that you and your staff are aware of group bonus deals when communicated from head office
    •Ensure that all orders are checked correctly and shortages reported and credit received
    •Participate fully in stock compliance (stock holding targets, generic use, overstock, stock accuracy)
    •Ensure stock is rotated on the shelves when orders are put away

    ◦Management of Items & Sales
    •Ensure you and your staff are aware of sales figures, items and KPI’s on both a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis
    •Ensure you and your staff are aware of the areas of growth & decline.
    •Ensure you liaise with your operations manager in relation to local competition or new pharmacy openings
    •Ensure you liaise with your operations manager if dispensary pricing requires adjustment
    Management of Dispensary tasks
    •Oversee all technician daily tasks and responsibilities and that they are completed in a timely manner
    •Oversee that the dispensary communication diary is used and all notes are followed up from the previous day
    •Oversee that the end of month claim is transmitted successfully and on time and to ensure the yellow bag is given to your UD driver before the monthly deadlines
    •Ensure all online reclaims are submitted by the 8th working day of the month
    •Ensure all LTI approvals are up to date
    •Ensure all hardship approvals are up to date with approval letters on file for each patient
    •Ensure all items not covered on hardship are charged to nursing home accounts
    •Ensure all phased patients have online approval
    •Ensure all patients dispensed Versatis patches have online approval
    •Ensure all patients dispensed test strips are within their annual allocation
    •Oversee preferred versus non preferred penetration targets are met
    •Ensure only necessary items are ordered through Uniphar

    ◦Compliance with PSI Legislation and Dispensing Practices
    •Act in accordance and comply with all PSI Legislation
    •Ensure all errors and near misses are recoded on Pharmapod
    •Ensure all CPD is completed each quarter and your ePortfolio is maintained to a high standard
    •Ensure all training in relation to vaccination delivery is up to date and certificates are valid
    •Ensure full compliance with all PSI inspections
    •Ensure Health Promotion Area in the pharmacy is kept up to date with all relevant PILs
    •Ensure Consultation Room is kept neat and tidy
    •Ensure regular checking of medicines
    •Ensure there is safe disposal and destruction of out of date and returned medicines
    •All Health Checks are offered and promoted to customers and the highest standards are maintained when delivering these
    •Ensure CD safe meets PSI requirements
    •Maintain CD register & Methadone register, Methylated Spirits Register, Fridge temperature Logs, Humidity Logs, Pharmacist register is signed daily, Garda security template is updated as required,
    •Ensure PSI residential Home Guidelines are adhered to
    •Ensure daily audits are printed and signed
    •Ensure all GMS prescriptions and prescription receipts are signed by the patient

    We are an equal opportunities employer. We reserve the right to request an employee to be flexible in his or her duties when the business needs require it.


  • Jane Walshe
  • careers@dunnepharmacies.ie
  • 01-8970992
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