IPU Academy

IPU Academy is an educational service initiative developed by the IPU to support you in your engagement with continuing professional development (CPD). The IPU not only develops and delivers continuing education (CE) for community pharmacists but also assists pharmacists to demonstrate their ongoing engagement with CPD.

Membership of IPU Academy is available to all registered and dispensing chemists and registered druggists, who are registered as pharmacists with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland. Membership of IPU Academy is free to IPU members. Membership of IPU Academy is also available to registered pharmaceutical assistants.

You can access IPU Academy on www.ipuacademy.ie, where you can view the IPU Academy programmes and book your sessions online in 3 easy steps:

1. Log on to www.ipuacademy.ie
2. Enter your login details
3. Book your sessions

IPU Academy not only delivers CE in traditional presentation format, i.e. live learning, but also delivers CE in distance learning and eLearning formats. These formats allow you, as a member of IPU Academy, to engage with CE at a time that is convenient to you and remove the need to travel to attend a presentation.

For further details on IPU Academy, or if you have any difficulties logging in, please contact us at ipuacademy@ipu.ie or phone 01 406 1559.