Attention all men! Start your new health journey at your local pharmacy today

  • International Men’s Day is tomorrow (19 November)
  • Pharmacists are calling on men to do something realistic and practical that will make a positive difference to their health
  • Pharmacies are accessible, local and informal: an ideal place for men to start their new health journey

18 November 2019: Pharmacists are calling on all men to use International Men’s Day as the impetus to start addressing their health challenges: “Why not start your new health journey today by going into your local pharmacy, and begin to address some of the niggles that may have been bothering you for years?” says Tomás Conefrey, a local community pharmacist and member of the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU).

Mr Conefrey says, “Men’s health challenges don’t just affect men themselves: they have an impact on families, friendship networks, personal finances, workplaces and health services. However, too often, we men put off tackling these issues, and imagine they can wait until we have more time on our hands. Lots of serious health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, can be helped by a healthy lifestyle, and by reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking. Your local pharmacist can offer advice on all of this in a private consultation room. Pharmacy staff are well positioned to talk to men about their health needs, explore possible options and, when necessary, suggest that they may need to seek further expert assistance.”

The Irish Pharmacy Union is encouraging men to utilise the convenience of their local pharmacy On International Men’s Day 2019.

“Everyone is being encouraged on International Men’s Day to do something realistic and practical that will make a positive difference to the health of both themselves, and the men and boys that they have influence over. Your local pharmacy is a great place to start”, concluded Mr Conefrey.