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IPU COVID-19 Radio Ad Campaign

We ran a second COVID-19 radio ad on both national and regional radio stations to let people know that pharmacies have remained open during the pandemic and to thank the public for their understanding during this difficult time. While pharmacies have made some changes to comply with social distancing guidelines, what hasn’t changed is the quality of care pharmacists provide, supplying vital medicines and the advice people trust. The ad aired for two weeks; one week on RTÉ Radio 1 and two weeks on Newstalk and regional stations.
Of people trust the advice they get from their pharmacist
Think Pharmacy
Common Ailments the pharmacy can help with
Cold & Flu
Colds are caused by a virus and are often confused with flu. Get to know the difference between the flu and a cold.
Sore Tummy
Your pharmacist can help show you how to get through a bout of vomiting, diarrhoea, or both.
Chronic Illness
Your pharmacist can show you how to manage chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular disease.
Lifestyle Help
Your local pharmacy can guide you in how to manage your weight or quit smoking.

Think Pharmacy


The pharmacy can provide you with a range of services, from practical advice on common ailments to explanations on medication interactions and much more. Your pharmacist is a healthcare professional who can assist you with your health concerns quickly. They will also guide you to other health professionals or community services, if required.


Coronavirus Information

This page contains information we have issued to our members in relation to the current COVID-19 health crisis. Updated regularly with latest developments.

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Currently, over 2,200 pharmacists are registered as members of the IPU – the vast majority of whom are community pharmacists. This represents 95% of community pharmacies in Ireland. Membership of the IPU provides you with the professional support and advice you need in your day-to-day practice as a community pharmacist.